“Central America... Positive and Alive”, Fan Manager Cycling’s humanitarian objective.

Fan Manager Cycling is basically a project to unite people under the umbrella of professional cycling, social networking and social conscience towards the most underprivileged people on this planet, all tied together by a professional cycling team, the speed of communication that social networks offer and consciously thinking about the less fortunate.

This charitable aspect is not a simple addition, but the core of the philosophy and the aim of the project, and it stems from an emigrant´s story, similar to the ones commonly heard in Europe today.

Emigration Stories

These are stories of people who risk everything, leaving parents, brothers and even children behind, in the hope of a better future, a future that would be impossible to imagine in certain parts of the world.

The one we came across was a Central American story, in one of the most insecure regions in the world and with high levels of poverty. Stories of migration, of closed borders to all but a few, and of an ignored and forgotten people.

Sport and social equalities

As we begin to hear direct testimonies of this social reality, we will continue to improve the design of the cycling team project so that both ideas begin to be intertwined, until they become linked together, because we can’t just leave the sport as something on the edge of this concept. We understand that the sport must be, at least, a tool capable of helping to generate consciousness towards a better social equality.

Besides being very aware of our limitations, especially in such deep socioeconomic issues as this, we can´t ignore these sad stories with vain attempts, broken hopes and ignored messages on the sidewalks of any European country, like water off a duck´s back.

The new face of the hope

FAN MANAGER CYCLING focuses on this social challenge to help to get new support and to offer hope to Central America. For now, our possibilities are so limited that we are just able to make you part of this story and, also, to tell you that part of the member’s fees for the project FAN MANAGER CYCLING will be destined to this aim that we call “Central America… Positive  and Alive”.

We know that our cycling project and this cause will have your support.

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